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About Me

I am a SoCal native who loves where I live. When I’m not working the 9-5 grind you can find me all over Los Angeles and Orange County finding new things to see and do. When I find something that’s pretty great (which I often do) I share it with you. Rest assured that I […]

Let’s All Go to the LA County Fair!

Just about now I should be somewhere in the dessert on my way to Vegas. I’ve got lots of things planned so look forward to a new road trip series coming soon! But, until then I thought I’d let you know that the LA County Fair opened this weekend! It runs through September 29th and […]

Visiting the 826 Valencia Pirate Supply Store

Cue the Boyz II Men because we’ve come to the end of the road…trip. Yup this is my last installment of the San Francisco edition. I’ve enjoyed the ride and I hope you have, too. Remember when I told you all about the Time Travel Mart? Well, that tutoring center slash mini mart to all […]